A New GlassLab Games Exclusive That Tackles Ratios And Proportional Reasoning

GlassLab announced the release of Ratio Rancher, a new GlassLab Games exclusive that tackles ratios and proportional reasoning - fundamental concepts 42% of middle school and high school math standards are based, but are difficult to master!

Ratio Rancher is a nurturing strategy/puzzle game designed for students in grades 6 and beyond that places students on the fantasy planet of Mixia in charge of their very own lush, green world full of silly, exotic creatures.

Everything on the planet is connected; to keep their creatures happy, students need to think critically and use ratios to make careful decisions based upon how many creatures they have, and what kind of food they eat, keeping track of what they learn in their very own naturalist journal.

To add to the excitement, field study results reveal students who play Ratio Rancher are able to achieve significant learning gains after just 3 DAYS of gameplay!

Check out the trailer here. For more information on the game, as well as the field study findings and real-time student reports, sign in to GlassLab Games today!

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